Sex STILL Has a Price Tag - DVD - Faith Based

Sex Still has a Price Tag - FAITH BASED EDITION - Now UPDATED! Today, people are faced with a raging plague of sex related problems. Pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and rape statistics are at all-time highs. Even so, today's society encourages sexual activity, and young people must have a compelling reason to commit to sexual abstinence. In "Sex Still has a Price Tag," world renowned abstinence educator, Pam Stenzel, combines her personal story and extensive pregnancy counseling experience in a hard hitting look at the consequences of sexual activity outside of a monogamous, lifetime relationship. In a captivating and inspiring talk, Pam tackles the tough issues of sex with candor, insight and humor while challenging young people to embrace the benefits of abstinence. This dvd comes with a teachers guide which includes discussion starters, std info etc.. It is  also divided into two sessions.
Released: 2006. Running time: approx. 1 hour 10 min.